The Primrose Ball

An Annual Endometriosis Awareness Charity Event 

The Endometriosis Primrose Awards 

Each year we have taken great pride in congratulating all those nominated for a Primrose Award. Each nomination is a 'thank you' from someone fighting Endometriosis, or caring for someone who is, and its a powerful affirmation of optimism. The winner in each category will receive an award and will be included in our winners gallery!


The Award for Complementary Therapist

By definition,   Complementary therapies are systems of healthcare that treat the whole person, not just the symptoms of their disease. Modern medicine is increasingly aware of complementary therapy techniques and these are an essential part of any treatment of a long term condition like Endometriosis. We recognise this and invite nominations for that therapist who has made a difference to your quality of life and symptoms. Nutritionists, reflexology, exercise, mindfulness,/meditation, yoga .....! Get nominating !

The Primrose Friend Award Friends make all the difference, being there when we need them and helping us through the good times and the bad. For some of us living with Endometriosis, it is the help of friends that can not only help us heal and recover, but also improve our quality of life. They take the strain and burden of responsibility from us whilst we recover from surgery or painful symptoms, cheering us up when we need it most. If you have a friend who has helped you through your Endometriosis journey then please nominate them and let them know how much they are appreciated. 

The Primrose Family Award

Just like friends, our family can be there for us through the hardest of times. Childcare, transport, advocating, nursing us when we are in pain and helping us even when they are having their own troubles. If you have a family member who has made your Endometriosis journey more bearable then please take a moment to nominate them and let them know how grateful you are.

The Primrose Medical Award

Medical intervention, either by a GP, Nurse, Consultant or anyone else on your diagnosis and treatment journey, who has offered not only understanding and empathy but also made a positive impact on your overall well-being and  outcomes too. It is sometimes hard finding the right medical support as so much still needs to be done to raise awareness of Endometriosis. However, there are many amazing Doctors, Nurses and Consultants who understand what a devastating illness Endometriosis can be. If you have experienced one of these amazing people then please nominate them and show them how much they are appreciated.

The Primrose Advocate of the Year Award

This award is for that special person, who has shown both understanding of Endometriosis and a passion to  raise awareness and increase understanding amongst others. Do you know someone who has gone the extra mile? Who deserves recognition for what they do for others? If so, then please nominate them for this special award, even if you have nominated them in the above categories we invite you to make an extra nomination if you feel they deserve this award.

Our previous Endometriosis Primrose Award 2015 winners were as follows:

Primrose Complementary Therapist 2015 - Mike Duffield

Primrose Friends Award 2015 - Donna Thompson

Primrose Friends Award 2015 - Mel Flyn

Primrose Medical Practitioner Award 2015 - Mr Trehan

Primrose Advocate of the Year Award 2015 - Mr Rutherford

Our previous Endometriosis Primrose Award 2016 winners were as follows:

Primrose Complementary Therapist 2016 - Gillian Shippey Womb Yoga

Primrose Family Award 2016 - Matthew Smith

Primrose Friends Award 2016 - Judy Durber

Primrose Medical Practitioner Award 2016 - Mr Edi Osagie

Primrose Advocate of the Year Award 2016 - Diary Doll

Our previous Endometriosis Primrose Award 2017 winners were as follows: 

Primrose Complementary Therapist 2017 - Linda Hartingdon (holistic)

Primrose Family Award 2017 -  Mr Makin (Husband)

Primrose Friends Award 2017 - Suzanne Redbearn 

Primrose Medical Practitioner Award 2017- not awarded see below

Primrose Advocate of the Year Award 2017 -Carol Pearson / Em Edwards

Our Endometriosis Primrose Award 2018 winners are as follows:

NEW AWARD Young Advocate of the Year Award 2018 -  Reiss Evans

Primrose JOINT Family Award 2018 -  Julie Cooper (Mum)

Primrose JOINT Family Award 2018 -  Tom Hutchinson (Partner)

Primrose Friends Award 2018 - Melissa Porter

NEW AWARD Primrose PET Award 2018 - Roxy the Dog

Primrose Complementary Therapist 2018 - Helen Watkins Reflexologist

Primrose Medical Practitioner Award 2018- Mr S Porter Consultant (Gynae)

Primrose Advocate of the Year Award 2018- NESS Northern Endometriosis Support Sisters accepted by Keisha Meek & Melissa Porter

Special mention to Carol Ward for being an amazing support. 1 in a million.

The Primrose Ball Honoury Thank You - Benjamin Shaw

The Primrose Ball Honoury Thank You - Carole Finn

For all those that were nominated we are so proud of you, we hopefully managed to personally let everyone know about their nomination and thank them for all they have done to contribute to the welfare and treatment of a Endometriosis sufferer. I hope we can all thank the following who were nominated (In no specific order) 

Theresa Helen Sketchley , Dc Wood (Oxford), Mr Stephen Porter (AGH), Jilly Bond, Craig Davison, John Hollin, Wendy Rae Mitchell, Nick McLeish, Amanda Ward, Mr Hopwood Lewis, Mr Chris Mann, Duncan Doyle, Richard Bright, Melissa Turner, Tom Hutchinson, Dr Andrew Pickersgill, Mr Ghosh, Melissa Porter, Julie Cooper, Michael Knewstubb, Benjamin Shaw, Carole Finn, Lisa Chinn, Mr Baxter, Roxy the Dog, Granger Martin, Stuart Forrester, Carol Pearson, Gemma Gallant, NESS Endometriosis Support Group, Amy Lewis, Dc Matthew Home, Reiss Evans, Mr Christopher Steer, Helen Watkins ..... and several more who's details were incomplete upon nomination so couldn't be contacted, and those that wished to remain anonymous.