The Primrose Ball

An Annual Endometriosis Awareness Charity Event 

Here is what some of our guests thought!

" Thank you for all your efforts into making the Primrose Ball such a success and raising so much - very impressive.  We had a wonderful time "

- Mr Anthony J Rutherford , Consultant in Reproductive Medicine & Gynaecological Surgery


" May I congratulate you and your team on the wonderful evening organised by yourselves on the 7th of March. It was a good opportunity to meet you and some of my patients . Many thanks for my award which I have proudly displayed on my desk.

My wife joins me in thanking you for a splendidly entertaining evening. Your commitment to helping Endometriosis sufferers is indeed commendable and praiseworthy "

- Mr Trehan, Consultant Endometriosis Specialist 


" I had a lovely time meeting new people & listening to other people's stories. I think it is brilliant what you do. I think a support group is brilliant, just being able to talk to somebody who knows what you are going through is amazing. ."

- Rachel Williams, Endometriosis Sufferer