The Primrose Ball

An Annual Endometriosis Awareness Charity Event 

Guest speakers for 

The Primrose Ball 2019

Guest Speakers are one of the key elements of The Primrose Ball, from various backgrounds our speakers share their personal journeys, understanding or theories on various aspects of Endometriosis.

Michelle Middleton

Often organising the ball means that there is very little time to take the stand and use the opportunity to share my own message about Endometriosis during the evening. As a woman with Endometriosis I know first hand the struggle faced when pursuing effective treatment and support. It will be a great pleasure to be able to share my story with a little poetry moment and spread a little humour and humanity whilst doing so! You have been warned!

I am really thrilled to announce that our second guest will be the very talented Gemma Butterfield, a guest speaker with a twist,  as she has kindly offered to lend her singing vocals to The Primrose Ball. Gemma, from Dewsbury, has been singing for many years and and has kindly offered to support our event not only because  she has a beautiful voice but also because she feels this awful disease deserves greater awareness. 

Liz Broadhurst

We are incredibly lucky to have Liz join us this year, as a guest speaker, an inspiring woman with a passion for helping others through their own Endometriosis journey.
"With huge pride I have the honour of being part of the Primrose Ball for 2019, my journey with endometriosis mirrors many others.  I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis in 2009 and underwent radical surgery in 2011.  During the last decade I have volunteered with Endo UK as a helpliner, a trainer and advocate"