The Primrose Ball

An Annual Endometriosis Awareness Charity Event 

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The Primrose Ball 

The Endometriosis Primrose Ball is an annual event which takes place on the first weekend of March, in-line with the global Endometriosis Awareness week.
 The event strives to advocate awareness and understanding for women living with Endometriosis in the UK, we want our guests to feel lavished upon, entertained and to leave with an uplifting sense of unity and understanding!

Guests enjoy an evening where Endometriosis is not a taboo word.  The aim of the Primrose Ball is everyone is joined together in mutual support and understanding including health professionals, family members, friends, sufferers, colleagues and of course, representatives of the national UK charity, all together under one roof.

We are proud that guests from our event have left feeling inspired , and have gone on to host their own Endometriosis events,  a 'ripple effect' which we feel incredibly proud of.

This glamorous event is about celebrating all those involved in Endometriosis, with guest speakers sharing their perspectives about this disease. The evening will also include surprises and prizes to make everyone feel lavished. Laughter, tears and a fantastic atmosphere of understanding and mutual support makes this a night not to be missed! 

But please don't think this is an exclusive event! with an affordable ticket price  and a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, everyone is truly welcomed! Don't like ball gowns? then wear whatever you find comfortable its really just an excuse to dress up for once! This is NOT a female exclusive event, in-fact men are encouraged to join their partners, family or friends in understanding Endometriosis; as this illness effects everyone whether directly as a patient or indirectly through relationships.

Held at The Hilton Leeds, this event is open to the whole of the UK. We can recommend great hotels (including the Hilton itself with special rates via a code we provide). The event is close to the Leeds railway station and is easily accessible, especially to those living near the rail network, once again keeping your expenditure low.

Cant come but would like to be a part? then why not take a look at our Primrose Awards page where you can nominate someone who deserves an award , through kindness, helpfulness and understanding of Endometriosis. All nominees will be personally congratulated with the winners receiving a shiny award to boot! 

For more information about the previous events please explore our website, or visit the blog page which will be updated continually now that our next ball is rolling (weak pun!) or email [email protected]

Tickets can be purchased via this web site or by emailing [email protected] , every email will be personally replied to within a working day. Tickets will be available from 1st September 2018 so start your Primrose Piggy bank !  

Tickets are limited  and we do expect to sell out so if you'd like to come then it's best buy early, and with lots planned for this event, it would be a shame to miss out. We'd love for you to join us for an amazing evening fighting Endometriosis!

Michelle Middleton & Benjamin Shaw
Primrose Ball Team

All monies raised will benefit and be presented to Endometriosis UK within 28 days of the event, and full details made available upon the website!

Proud Hosts

Our regular host Michelle Middleton ,  ex-Endometriosis Support Group Leader , will be joined by Benjamin Shaw. Benjamin is a previous guest speaking and an active fundraiser, completing Marathons to raise funds for Endometriosis UK.

The Guests

Our ticket holders are a mix of women with Endometriosis, their families, friends and colleagues, health professionals and the UK National Charity all under one roof, all learning from each other and bridging the gap of silence that exists when talking about women's gynaecology.

The Primrose Awards

Our Primrose Awards  are presented to those who have excelled in providing support and care for those living with Endometriosis, nominated by Endometriosis sufferers and their friends/families. This is opportunity to thank and acknowledge those that care.