The Primrose Ball 2017

An Endometriosis Awareness Charity Event 

We are pleased to announce the following guest speakers for The Primrose Ball 2017

Benjamin Shaw is one of our very special guests,  completing the very tough Leicester marathon on behalf of Endometriosis UK , raising over £700 for the charity . The Primrose Ball are proud sponsors of Ben and his endeavours! Ben knows only too well the impact Endometriosis can have on relationships and what its like from the perspective of a man. "I want to raise money to help fund the research make more people aware, especially men and help to stop or ease the pain that women suffer from to carry on a normal day to day life " 

If you would like to sponsor Benjamin then please visit www.justgiving.com/Benjamin-Shaw1982  

 his next heroics involves an aeroplane!

Watch this space!!

Watch this space too!

Finally, we are thrilled to welcome the return of our previous Primrose Award winner and Endometriosis Specialist  Mr Ashwini Kumar Trehan , from Elland Hopital who is taking the opportunity to present his thoughts on "Why must women preserve their ovaries".  Spire Elland Hospital is now the only private hospital, in the country, outside London to be recognised as an “Endometriosis Centre” for the management of advanced endometriosis by BSGE (British Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy). Only a handful of practices in the country have gained this status, for more information about the BSGE please visit their website.